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Tibetan Cuisine
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Due to high altitude in Tibet, vegetables are scarce and the main food mainly consists of barley, meat and dairy products. Tsampa made out of Barley flour and salted butter tea is a staple food and is consumed daily. The salted butter tea is an indispensable Tsampa pal.

Yoghurt is another important daily dairy product for Tibetan people. Dried beef and mutton stripe is also popular food in Tibet. In the winter, beef and mutton are cut into long stripes and hung in shaded place to be air-dried. The dried meat is crisp and tastes good and can be eaten raw since the chilliness in the winter has killed bacteria during the process. Other popular food stuff includes Momo (Tibetan dumplings), Thenthuk (Tibetan noodles) and yak tongue. Blood sausage, meat sausage, flour sausage and liver sausage are also favoured by many Tibetans.

Another popular food amongst Tibetans are big joints of beef and mutton boiled with salt, ginger and spices. The guests are treated with breasts and spareribs. Guest of honour is usually treated with tail of white sheep.

Chinese food is the substitute to Tibetan food, specially in towns like Lhasa. Tibetan people seldom eat fish due to their religion and custom.

Tibetans like drinking tea. Besides salted butter tea, sweet milk tea is another popular alternative.

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